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Friday, March 05, 2010

Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli

So the menu for dinner was Italian, and I needed a veggie side. I remembered that I had some pre-cut broccoli florets in the fridge, and I also remembered I'd seen Ina Garten roast broccoli. After a quick recipe search (with some adaptations, of course), the broccoli was in the oven, and we were treated to a delicious new side dish. I was really pleased with this dish, and friends with whom we shared the meal also raved about it. That's why I'm sharing it here - it's definitely a keeper.

Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli

2 to 2.5 pounds broccoli (or ~24 oz. florets)
2 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced (or 1-2 tsp. minced garlic)
olive oil
kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
~1 teaspoon grated lemon zest (~1 large lemon)
~2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (~1/2 large lemon)
Parmesan or Romano cheese

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

Cut the broccoli florets from the thick stalks, leaving an inch or two of stalk attached to the florets, discarding the rest of the stalks. Cut the larger pieces through the base of the head with a small knife, pulling the florets apart. You should have about 4 cups of florets. Place the broccoli florets in a large bowl and toss with a few tablespoons of olive oil, garlic, and salt & pepper to taste. Pour broccoli mixture onto a sheet pan large enough to hold it in a single layer. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, until crisp-tender and the tips of some of the florets are browned.

Remove the broccoli from the oven and immediately toss with the lemon zest and lemon juice*. Use a vegetable peeler and shave the Parmesan or Romano cheese over the broccoli. Serve hot.

*If desired, you can also add nuts to this recipe. Add 2-3 tablespoons toasted pine nuts or slivered/sliced almonds when you add the lemon zest & juice just before serving.

Adapted from Ina Garten

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Deb said...

Pam, sounds yummy! We'll definitely try this next time we prepare broccoli...i have one of those big bags from Costco. Thanks for posting the recipe.