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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pam's Pantry: A Review

No, I'm not reviewing my blog. There actually is another Pam's Pantry (http://www.pamspantry.net) that sells a variety of mixes that are "the best darn gourmet dip mixes in the country!" Pam's Pantry is a small business that began in Michigan a few years ago, and quite a while back Pam sent me some samples to review. I am deeply sorry that it has taken me so long to write about her products.

So, on to what she sent to me: Spinach Surprise, Sweet & Sassy Salsa, Bac'n & Tomato, Cheesy Garlic, and Strawberries 'N Cream.

By far, my favorite mix that she sent was the Sweet & Sassy Salsa. It was so good, I don't think this even lasted a day in my house. I'll definitely be ordering several packets of it. (And, by the way, her prices are very reasonable. Each packet is $3.50, 3 for $10, or $3 each when you order 4 or more.)

The Spinach Surprise was good, too, but it made a lot. Since I didn't have a party to take it to, it took us a while to eat it. But, it made a great veggie dip. I used fat-free sour cream and low-fat mayo, and it turned out a nice consistency.

The Cheesy Garlic tasted similar to a spread I've made using Cheese Whiz, cream cheese, garlic powder, & cayenne pepper. Great on toast or crackers.

The Bac'n & Tomato dip was not one I enjoyed. It contains imitation bacon bits (which I don't like), and the flavor of the bacon bits was too strong...tasted too 'fake' for me. However, my in-laws seemed to like it, so I left the rest with them.

The Strawberries 'N Cream was okay on bagels, as Pam suggests. I don't think I'd use it as a pie filling as recommended. The flavor was a bit too artificial for me. Again, it makes a lot (2-3 cups).

Overall, I liked the products, and I'll definitely order some salsa mix from her. Pam's suggestions for serving as well as yields for each packet are helpful in determining how to use them. I'm sure if you poured the mix in a bowl and mixed up everything, it would be quite easy to adjust the amount you make to your needs.

So Pam's Pantry, again, I am VERY sorry for taking so long to review your products, but I greatly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to try something new!

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